PatternUp is a mobile application project for creating and sharing patterns.

We give you the possibility to create them through a picture or through 17 mathematicians types. Each creation will accompany the time and place of its performance, data that will give us clues to the cultural influence of the pattern.

Another purpose of this app is to generate an interconnected group who share the same concerns about this type of graphic design used mainly in the manufacture of fabrics throughout our history.

An application designed for creative minds and interested in graphic design.

This project has worked both the GUI (Graphic User Interface) as the UX (User Experience).

In the “Gallery” section can view all the elements that we already mobile device in a list, which describes the main characteristics of the element and its visual appearance, or on a grid with just the graphics. In the “Likes” section appear only our favorite items, which we have previously activated the star.

When you select one of the items in the gallery can see its main features: Who conducted, where, when, how many “Likes”, reviews of other users, etc. The selected item can be seen pulling him to detail, using two fingers, or touring the extension of it using a finger.

In the “Creation” section can choose between two forms of creation, through the realization of a photograph or from 17 types mathematicians.

In the “Profile” section can view and edit your own profile. This section will our patterns, our “Likes”, who follow our profile and what profiles we follow. In the “History” section can view the most relevant designers related patterns.