Digital tablet application about the collection of pieces available to the MACA (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante) of the artist Eusebio Sempere.

Sempere app from enZETA on Vimeo.

We have developed this application for the museum visitor information may expand the artwork you are observing. This tool allows you to enter audiovisual, sound recordings, photographs, and text, and provide visitors another way to interact with the museum and its exhibits. Also applying games have to teach in a didactic work of the artist.

In the video we show how to work one of the games introduced in the application that brings visitors to the style of the artist Eusebio Sempere also learning screen printing technique used by many artists.

The following images show the performance of the application, user experience, visual design and content, including artist bios and three interactive games, an optical-musical about the early gouaches by the artist, the other one a composition inspired by the silk screen series “the Four Seasons” and the third one the sculpture of IBM and its concept of total art.

Visual Design: